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Trinity Christian School Warriors



K-12 Classical Christian Education. Partnering with parents and serving the Prescott Quad-cities area since 2003.

Schedule a tour to see our campus and learn more!


Trinity is the only K-12 classical Christian school in Prescott, AZ and has proudly served the quad-city area since 2003.


We are committed to seeking wisdom, cultivating virtue, and inspiring service in the life of every Trinity student.


We strive for academic excellence, while maintaining biblical standards of mentorship and teaching as we walk alongside parents in the growth and development of their children.

Trinity is fully accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools International and Cognia.


“We trust God for each student’s growth and are committed to disciple and inspire in them a lifestyle of worship. It is in the life on life moments of mentoring that happen in the classroom, on the court, on the playground, and throughout our school family celebrations that the worshipful habits of the heart are developed and established. Together, we seek to bring Him glory with every fiber of who we are.”


-Mr. Aaron Rosberg, 

Assistant Headmaster


Our teachers and staff are all followers of Christ who seek to build relationships with students and to set an example that they can follow. As scripture states in Luke 6:40, “A student, when he is fully trained, will be like his teacher.”


We are committed to strong parent-teacher partnerships, walking alongside parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their children.


We strive to maintain a family atmosphere in the midst of incredible God-given growth and have an average class size of 18.


​Classical Christian education prepares children for life rather than just preparing them to make a living. In the same way, here at Trinity, we teach students how to think rather than merely what to think. 


Contact us to schedule a tour and walk our halls, step inside the classrooms, and share a conversation with us directly to find out more about classical Christian education and how it shapes our approach to developing students.


As a community, by the grace of God we are committed to:


The Classical Christian school philosophy that gives young people the tools of learning through the Trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, producing young men and women who think for themselves and reflect goodness, truth, and beauty in their lives.


Discipleship to Jesus Christ bringing about authentic spiritual transformation through mentor-ship relationships and genuine spiritual conversations.


Excellence in academic scholarship, requiring students to learn how to read well, write well, think well, and speak well through academically rigorous course work in all disciplines.   


Servant Leadership training for students preparing them for the responsibility and calling of leadership.


Biblical Worldview Integration in all subjects and throughout all extra-curricular activities.


Christ-centered athletics centered on character development, school unity, discipleship between coaches and players, being a light to other schools, and glorifying God with our bodies through competitive sports.


Christ-centered, high quality fine arts programs reflecting a commitment to a Biblical aesthetic and exposing students and our community to the great tradition of the arts in Western Civilization.   


Professional growth at all levels of the institution through the cultivation of wisdom, seeking to be a humble, ever-learning, community growing in excellence. 


Prayer, relying upon our great God to provide us with His wisdom, interceding for another, bearing one another’s burdens, acknowledging that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.


Serving as Christ served, starting within the TRINITY community and then out into the larger community as a light, providing opportunities to put action behind our faith, cultivating hearts of compassion in the students.


Preparing students for the responsibilities of adulthood, ready to engage the culture armed with sharp minds, hearts surrendered to Christ, and skillful hands ready to answer the call of God on their lives.  


Biblical stewardship through wise financial planning, always trusting God as provider, looking ahead to the future with faith. 

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