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Building households of faith.

Here & Now

Jumping ahead to the 2018-2019 school year, the Lord provided for Trinity to purchase 17.5 acres for the future campus home the board had prayed for years prior. With enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year moving past 330 students and two sections of all but one grade K-4, the Trinity Leadership continued to prayerfully seek the Lord’s wisdom, walking the path He had set before them to build a new campus.  

Fall of 2020, marked the Groundbreaking for the new campus with the first two buildings, the parking lot, and an outdoor play area. The plan is for 6 buildings, outdoor fields and play areas for over 750 students. Trinity Leadership now looks to the next phase of the facility planning and expansion, always keeping their deep commitment to the mission and core values as they seek the Lord for wise growth in educating and discipling the rising generations.


Our Beginning

Trinity Christian School was started in 2003 by a group of parents who desired to see their children receive a classical Christian education that prepared them for adulthood, both academically and spiritually.  

Humble beginnings marked Trinity’s first year as God provided a partnership with Grace Baptist Church in Chino Valley. With just 32 students spanning nine grade levels (K-8th) in 3 shared classrooms, Trinity had embarked on a journey that would quickly prove to be more than we could have ever asked or imagined.

Our Growth

Our vision was to add a grade level each year until Trinity reached a full K-12 program. That goal was reached in May of 2008 with 9 graduates, all college bound.​Our board began to look for another location as the classes had outgrown the Chino Valley campus. The provision continued in 2007 as Willow Hills Baptist Church in Prescott graciously opened their doors to house Trinity’s 7th-12th grade students. With 175 students enrolled on two separate campuses. 

Our Journey

​Continuing to see growth patterns and reaching near capacity with over 200 students enrolled at the Willow Hills campus, our board began to pray and ask the Lord for provision for two key things. One, a long-term site of 15-20 acres that would eventually be a permanent home for all K-12 students, and two, the strategic interim steps that would get the school to that place in a position of strength and stewardship. 


 Giving Driven New Campus Construction Phases 

PHASE 1 (In Progress)

Approximate Cost: $11.5M
Direct Impact: 500 Student Lives 


To Be Constructed:

  • Administrative Office Building √ 

  • Upper School Classrooms (7-12th Grade) √ 

  • Initial Parking Lot √ 

  • Gymnasium (Warrior Event Center)

  • Outdoor Basketball Courts √ 

  • Fine Arts Spaces √ 

  • Science Labs √ 


Approximate Cost: $11M
Direct Impact: 780 Student Lives 


To Be Constructed:

  • Outdoor Amphitheater/Courtyard

  • Grammar School Classrooms (K-6th Grade)

  • Junior High Classrooms (7-8th Grade)

  • Grammar School Playgrounds

  • Library

  • Soccer Field


Approximate Cost: TBD
Direct Impact: 780 Student Lives 


To Be Constructed:

  • Cafeteria

  • Fine Arts Auditorium

  • Tennis Courts

  • 8-Lane Track



God is Growing Trinity

Join us on our journey!