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Avoiding Snowflakery (Part 3 of 3)

Avoiding Snowflakery Part 3: Parenting

Written by: Mr. Kyle Maestri

This past month, I have shared with you some of my thinking of how we can help our children with anxieties, self-centeredness and just being strong in the face of difficulty. The first article focused on teaching our children how to forgive others rather than focus on their feelings of being offended. In the second article, Mrs. Orr, our Guidance Counselor helped us think a bit about anxiety as an opportunity for growth rather than unintentionally training our children to avoid challenges.

As I think about the culture war raging on college campuses, where young people standing for Biblical principles face great opposition and public outcry, like the recent case at UC Berkeley, I am convinced that to equip our children for this kind of opposition, we must be more heavenly minded. We have to continue to work to calibrate ourselves and our children to a Kingdom mindset where God’s agenda becomes our agenda. We need to make sure that difficulties and social rejection for doing or saying the right thing don’t outweigh our desire to be His people. This difficult road has been the path of the church of Jesus Christ since our founding in every nation around the world. It’s not new to His people. It’s just new to us.

Increasingly, I am convinced that we are preparing our children to stand strong and lead with a presence in a culture that is dying because of the suicidal ideas that it is choosing.

I do not lose hope because Jesus is King. He is King over the crowded cities where so many oppose Him in our great country, and He is King over the shahs of Iran set on our destruction. He is King in the prosperous Communist China where His church is over 100 million strong in the midst of persecution, and He is King in the tiny congregations left in Great Britain, once the center of Christendom. He is King in the thriving churches of South Korea, Nigeria, and Prescott, Arizona. Nations rise and fall, but King Jesus is over all and His church will prevail to the glory of God!

We must become more heavenly-minded and help our children to be strong because we are not preparing them to win the culture war but rather to stand as a voice of hope. King Jesus is calling us to raise our children to stand in the church for such a time as this. This is no small thing that we are doing. We are raising His ambassadors for the Kingdom of God for this culture. Let us, by His grace and with the wisdom of His word, answer the call to do our part together as a community of prayerful love.


A couple resources to equip our kids for the culture:

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