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Cooperative Kingdom Ministries - A Double Blessing!

We recently caught up with Upper School Principal, Ken Jimison, to discuss a special ministry partnership that is blessing Trinity students and children from Phoenix Inner City Kids (PICK). As part of the mission and vision of Trinity Christian School, exposing students to missions helps develop hearts of service. The partnership between PICK and Trinity is one such example of the transformational impact on the lives of all involved when we serve.

“That is that I may be encouraged together with you while among you , each of us by the other’s faith yours and mine.”- Romans 1:12

This brief article is intended to give just a small glimpse into the ministry relationship between Trinity Christian School (TCS) and Phoenix Inner City Kids (PICK). Both organizations work with kids, but their kids come from very different worlds. The Trinity kids come primarily from middle to upper middle class families in a community with limited crime and other big city challenges. The PICK kids come primarily from inner city projects of Phoenix and attend public schools. Through Christ, a tremendous partnership has developed between these two groups.

A Missional Relationship Begins

This special relationship between PICK and Trinity Christian School began 13 years ago. Mr. Jimison had a “chance” conversation with a PICK volunteer in Prescott Valley at a church event. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Jimison called Pastor Joan Gray, the head of PICK, to see if there was any way in which our students could help out with their ministry. Pastor Joan replied that she had, “a little painting we could do.” Trinity students ended up scraping and painting the entire building inside and out over the course of one year. Over the years TCS students have painted, done construction, drywall, and about everything else possible at the PICK location. TCS students have gone out into the streets to provide water for the homeless and given away backpacks full of household supplies in the housing projects. In the evenings we do joint youth services with the PICK leaders speaking the Word of God to our students.We have even had TCS students accept Christ as their Savior at PICK youth meetings.

Mr. Jimison is quick to point out that this has never been a one sided partnership. True, Trinity has done much physical work and ministry at PICK, however through that joint work and co-laboring with PICK, the ministry has poured life and grown beautiful hearts of service into our Trinity students.

An Additional Opportunity to Serve

The Trinity and PICK relationship has grown involving other ministry opportunities for Trinity students. Every summer a select group of TCS students attend PICK camp in Colorado as camp counselors. The TCS students do an amazing job of leading kids to Christ, praying with hurting kids, and building long term relationships with the PICK kids. TCS and PICK leadership also do power jam events during the summer months together in Phoenix parks.

Trinity Alumni & Students at PICK Camp: Ethan Morse, Brandon Hughbanks, Ken Jimison, Jacob Roundy, Luke Garber, John Paglia, Cooper Collins, Johnny Reed. Bottom Row: Ethan Shelabarger

Bottom Row: Jacob Roundy, Cooper Collins, Ethan Shelabarger, Brandon Hughbanks, Johnny Reed. Second Row: Kenzie Johns, Hannah West, Ethan Morse, John Paglia. Third Row: Kiley Stiedinger, Brooke Coyl, Luke Garber. Top Row: Kaighley Blight, Karis Orr

Servant’s Hearts - Continue Serving

This year, due to the personal impact of serving during their Junior year at Trinity, we have alumni attending Grand Canyon University who have taken it upon themselves to volunteer throughout the week in order to continue to do ministry work at the PICK facility. These students include: Karis Orr, Jonny Read, Jessica Rhor, Brooke Coyl, Jacob Roundy and Kayleigh Blight. These Trinity alumni have also recruited other GCU students to assist in the ministry at PICK. These students teach, play sports & games and help manage the kids who come to the PICK services during the week.

It is exciting to share that the relationship between PICK and Trinity continues to grow! Mr. Jimison shared that we are currently planning the PICK Camp in June in Colorado (north of Dolores CO.) This summer Trinity students will be setting up camp in Colorado in advance of the PICK kids arrival. Our students and alumni will minister, cook, clean, unclog toilets, showers and sinks, among other glorious ministry opportunities. Trinity will continue to send members of the Junior class to PICK one Thursday a month to serve. In addition, we now have Trinity alumni continuing to serve during their college years which could mean relationships that last 6 years (from junior year at Trinity through four years of college). The most amazing thing about all of this is how God has put it together and merged dreams and ministries together for His glory.

We are so thankful for the opportunities our Trinity students have to live out their faith by serving others! Please join us in praying God continues to bless the relationship between Trinity and PICK in order that lives are eternally changed through these divine encounters.

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