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“Great is Thy Faithfulness”

2022 Fall Banquet Announcement

We were thrilled, once again, to have a capacity crowd at the Prescott Resort as 408 people gathered to celebrate what God, through his people, is doing to advance the ministry of Trinity Christian School. For those able to attend we want to share the fundraising result and for those unable to attend we want to share highlights of a remarkable evening.

As always, our amazing Trinity students took center stage at the event. First, Allegro (Trinity’s Student Choir), beautifully performed two numbers. The choir was followed by a group of 2nd graders performing a patriotic tribute to America’s service men and women, past and present. Two seniors were also selected, Caleb Inman and Savannah Charlynne, who each provided a sneak preview of the challenging topic God has placed on their hearts to research and present for their Senior Thesis project. What a blessing to see how our students grow in knowledge, wisdom and faith as they progress from elementary through high school.

Our Headmaster, Kyle Maestri, delivered a heart-warming and compelling keynote speech on Trinity’s growth and the increasing need for Christ-centered, classical education in a world rapidly rejecting the truth. Mr. Maestri wrapped up his talk with these important words, “I think the K-12 classroom is the front line of the fight for the soul of our nation. Thank you for investing in these kids' lives and wrapping your arms around these parents who desperately need the church of God to stand and help them.”

In the end, our Trinity community responded overwhelmingly to a request to continue walking with our school by providing $486,257.00 in contributions, monthly commitments and pledges toward Phase II of our Great Expectations Giving Campaign on Tuesday night! We are praising God for showing up in such a big way through the faithfulness and generosity of His people!

Believing that God wants us to keep our foot on the proverbial Trinity accelerator pedal, and bolstered by the response of Tuesday night's donors, we expectantly embark on Phase II of our Great Expectation Campaign. Funds from the banquet mean we have already made significant progress towards our next goal: raise $1 million. Reaching this goal will allow us to complete the architectural drawings and submit building plans for the new K-8 classroom building early next year. Stay tuned for additional key milestones for the K-8 building. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

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