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ESA / Tax Credit Updates

Dear Trinity Christian School Family and Friends,


As you likely have heard, Governor Hobbs released her budget proposal late Friday afternoon. Several of her points could potentially impact our families:

  • Implements a requirement that students receiving an ESA must have previously attended a public school for at least 100 days at any point during their K-12 education.

  • Repeals current ESA provisions beginning in fiscal year 2025.

  • Repeal the entire Student Tuition Organization (STO) income tax credit beginning in tax year 2025.

When we hear this sort of information about the goals of those in positions of power over us, we need to remember to not be afraid but instead to PRAY and ENGAGE

To this end, I am inviting each of you to join me in taking several actions, beginning with prayer.



  • Will you join me in committing to pray once a week on Mondays in the morning, just as the legislative sessions get started for the foreseeable future. Then join me in person for an hour of prayer time each month starting on January 29th at 12:15 at the Grammar Campus at the flagpole. I believe prayer moves the hand of God. Our Heavenly Father hears the prayers of His people.


  • As people who believe in parental choice for their own children’s education, and specifically who see the importance of a Christian education, it is important your voices are heard in defending the ESA and STO programs. As it currently stands, the two houses in the Arizona Legislature are only one vote away from eliminating these programs. Please consider acting now in any or all the following ways to support parental choice of your children’s education.


Recommended Ways to Engage

  1. Sign this petition by Love Your School to help defend the ESA and STO program.

  2. Write or call your Legislator and urge them to oppose the proposed changes to the ESA and STO programs. Personal stories always work best! If you do not know who your legislator is for your zip code, you can find it here. The Legislators for our district here in the Prescott quad city area are strong school choice supporters. You can reach out and thank them for their continued support. Here is the link with their contact information. We are District 1 and we have two members representing us in the house and one in the senate. 

  3. Write or call (602- 542-4331) Governor Hobbs to share your personal story and ask her to reconsider her proposed changes. (

  4. Request To Speak to members at the state legislature.

  5. Attend and invite people to the School Choice rally at the State Capitol on January 23rd. It will take place on the Capitol Lawn from 10:00am – 1:00pm. We are putting together a group from the school to go down to this event. Email Mark Timm at or call him at (928) 445-6306 ext. 338 for more information.

  6. Share this email with others.

Trinity is a founding member of the Arizona Christian Education Coalition (AzCEC, and remains a strong supporter of school choice in Arizona. This is a group of Christian schools throughout Arizona who have come together to advocate for Christian education in Arizona. This allows us to be united in responding to any pending legislation that may impact school choice in Arizona. We believe parents know best when it comes to choosing the educational choices for each individual child. 

If we do not come together to support school choice, there is a chance parents will no longer have the blessings of these programs in the future.


Our faith is in Jesus Christ, and our mission stands strong: to partner with parents to provide Christ-centered, biblically based, classical education that nurtures the whole child. 

If you would like more information or to discuss this further, please reach out to schedule some time to discuss how you can be involved. See you at the prayer meetings.  


In His Hand,

Kyle Maestri 


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