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School Choice Rally - Praise Report!

On Tuesday this week, 70 Trinity Juniors & Seniors, staff and parents joined a crowd of over 500 participants at the Arizona Capitol building to make our voices heard on the important topic of School Choice. Attendees included State Tax Credit Organizations, Private schools, and a variety of other school choice supporters. State representatives from both the House and Senate spoke to the crowd encouraging supporters to lift our prayers to God and communicate our support to our Governor, State representatives, neighbors and friends.

Trinity students were privately greeted by our State Senator, Ken Bennett (Ken Bennett - Senate Member). Senator Bennett spoke for about 20 minutes regarding the mechanics of state government and the role of our senators and representatives. Later our Trinity students were greeted by Representative Quang Nyguen (Quang For Arizona). While we were not able to connect with Representative Selina Bliss (Selina Bliss - House Member), we know she, Senator Bennett and Representative Quang are all School Choice advocates. 

We wrapped up the day with a walk-through of the Arizona Senate Chamber, followed by a time of prayer in front of the capitol building. It was truly an eventful and worthwhile day. Please enjoy these photos of Trinity’s participation in this event:

We need your support as we Pray & Engage on the topic of School Choice in Arizona. As a reminder, here are the ways we encourage your active participation.



Will you join me in committing to pray once a week on Mondays in the morning, just as the legislative sessions get started for the foreseeable future.

Then join me in person for an hour of prayer time each month starting on January 29th at 12:15 at the Grammar Campus at the flagpole. I believe prayer moves the hand of God. Our Heavenly Father hears the prayers of His people.


As people who believe in parental choice for their own children’s education, and specifically who see the importance of a Christian education, it is important your voices are heard in defending the ESA and STO programs. As it currently stands, the two houses in the Arizona Legislature are only one vote away from eliminating these programs. Please consider acting now in any or all the following ways to support parental choice of your children’s education.


In Christ,

Kyle Maestri


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