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Testimonial: The Wallace Family

Originally Published in Flourishing: Volume 1, Issue 1

As parents striving to raise our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, Trinity Christian School is very important to us. From our initial interview and entry into the school, the leadership at Trinity made it clear that the objective was to enter into partnership with us in the education of our children. This partnership has been extremely valuable as we have the reassurance that what we are teaching at home is being reinforced and built upon at school. In this current age, Godly families are at odds with the public school system and children in their developmental years are receiving mixed messages from home to school. Trinity provides unity in this regard for families seeking to develop a strong foundation for their children. As parents, we believe that Trinity is helping us set this foundation as our kids move from childhood to young adults ready to follow Christ, affect positive change and be able to defend their faith.

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